Avakin Life


Lockwood Publishing is a game publisher founded by Joel Kemp and Halli Bjornsson, who came from Playstation before founding this company. They built one of the best developer communities ever with Playstation Home and have brought their talent and expertise to making games such as Avakin Life. Lockwood has become a premier publisher in the space with 7m monthly users, a 4.5/5 average app store rating and over 45m downloads.


Lockwood was used to working with ad networks that were fast, but creative asset creation was a different story. They needed the ability to create fresh marketing assets quickly and at a cost that would allow for them to iterate as they found the best creative for conversation. As with most UA, they needed to do all of this with creative that increased conversion and install rate.

The Goal

A new approach to creative. The ability to allow the data scientists to explain which creative was working, why it was working and then lean into those learnings. Then begin again and increase performance further through additional optimizations.


Let's do something amazing