Pixery Labs is the creative genius behind Funimate, a video editing app that allows users to become the star of their own content. The unique app has taken mobile by storm for over a decade, with 25 million downloads and a cumulative 4.65/5 app store rating and 1.5m reviews! In a mobile world that evolves almost weekly, Funimate has found staying power that is the envy of the mobile community.


Pixery wanted to expand the number of UA channels and the approaches with new creative techniques to further expand their acquisition strategy. Opera Event introduced using influencers in an authentic fashion to create platform specific content. This was an opportunity to market the app the way influencers and audiences actually use it.

The Goal

Opera Event wanted to utilize the influencer content model to demonstrate the fun and ease of use of the app in a natural way. Setting up the ad to feel like a referral or recommendation from a peer. To display people using the app exactly how audiences do in a way that is scalable and stays fresh.

Let's do something amazing